Black Friday

Black Friday Promotions are valid 10/15/21-10/18/21. Promotion freebies must be added to the cart, and promo code applied. 

1. FREE 3 oz wax melt with every Jumbo candle (scents will match) - Do not add wax melts to cart, they will be added at time of shipment.

2. $5 select 10 oz candles

3. $5 Spa Salts

4. Wine Salts, buy sampler set, save $5

5. Simmer Scents 4/$12

6. $1 Bath Potion Bags

7. $5 Bath Potion Tubs

8. $2 Bath Tea

9. $3.50 Pumpkin Potpourri Bags (Limited Supply)

10. $12 Skull Candles

To get promos below, make sure to add the free item to the cart at full price, and THEN apply promo code!

11. Order $250+, get FREE Christmas shower steamer sampler Set of 6 (Code: 250FREESTEAMERSET)

12. Order $500+, get FREE SHIPPING, plus 10 piece Christmas wax melt sampler (Code: 500FREEWAXMELTS)

13. Order $1,000+, get FREE SHIPPING plus 100 piece custom potion pack (Code: 1000FREECUSTOMPOTION)

14. Order $2,500+, get FREE SHIPPING, plus 36 custom 4 oz candles (Code: 2500FREE40ZCANDLES)

15. Order $5,000+, get FREE SHIPPING, plus 48 custom jumbo candles (Code: 5000FREEJUMBOS)

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